Numetal Shingles Room


NuMetal is a collection of High Pressure Laminates with a thin metal surface and phenolic paper backing. These HPL’s can be used for interior applications like wallcoverings, wall panels and ceilings.

HPL’s with Real Metal Surfaces

Watch our product video to learn how you can enhance your next project with NuMetal. Suitable for hospitality, healthcare and institutional, retail, commercial and residential design environments. Visit our YouTube Channel to learn more about our other products.

Your Design Guide to Ordering Samples

While our awesome new website is under construction, you have FOUR quick and easy ways to order your NuMetal Samples. Your ATI Customer Service Representative is here to provide you with dedicated support and product expertise for your project.

  1. Call an ATI Customer Service Representative at 800.849.1320
  2. Send us a text message with your sample request at 336.389.8273
  3. Access our Live Chat feature at the bottom of our website
  4. Email an ATI Customer Service Representative at Include your sample request, name, and mailing address in the body of your email



NuMetal sheets are usually 4′ x 8′ in Aluminum, Copper or Real Stainless Steel; featuring embossing, hand painting techniques, etching, and other innovative techniques to enhance the look of metals.