ATI is making a big splash in 2017 with 8 new MirroFlex Structures patterns and 5 new finishes. Our new MirroFlex patterns offer a range of beautiful, contemporary designs that are available in 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 10′ sizes and can be formed in our 45 standard finishes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest designs and the inspirations behind them:

Kalahari’s soft texture mimics the smooth ripples of the red sands of the Kalahari Desert in Namibia. The gentle, calming line work is perfect for a serene day spa or recovery room. Shown below in Paintable White, Kalahari is the perfect combination of contemporary and organic.

You can dress up any space with Bowtie. Cosmopolitan and geometric, it is easy to see how Bowtie would be perfect in a downtown boutique hotel or an upscale retail environment. Shown below in Paintable White.

Bee Hive
Over the past few years, hexagons have been popping up everywhere in design. Symbolic of the perfect hive and honeycomb design of the honeybee, this shape inspires creativity and collaboration. Shown below in Argent Bronze, Bee Hive is perfect for education or commercial design installations.

Hotel Room, Divider Curly WillowBowtie
Music StoreBee Hive
AluminumJapanese Weave
Hotel Room, Divider Curly WillowSculpted Petals
Music StoreAriel

Japanese Weave
The inspiration behind Japanese Weave reaches back centuries to combine a traditional weave pattern with modern texture. This creates a unique and contemporary look that is a great option for a wide range of installations. Shown above in Crosshatch Silver.

Sculpted Petals
Sculpted Petals features an organic, floral look with a deep, three-dimensional texture. Perfect for use as a striking focal point in a hospitality or retail setting. Shown above in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Ariel is a vertical, repetitive pattern inspired by inhabitants of the sea. Like scales or fish tails, Ariel is a unique look that can draw the eye to places of interest. Shown above in our new finish, Vintage Metal, Ariel can make any application look great.

Whether a contemporary or more traditional design is required for your project, the design and finish combinations available in MirroFlex Structures can suit virtually any project. Many are available via our Quick Ship program for faster turnaround. MirroFlex 4′ x 10′ decorative wall panels have no minimum order quantity and are ready to ship in three to four weeks.

We’re excited about our new pattern designs and look forward to seeing them used in architecture and design applications. Browse our website to see more of the patterns ATI has to offer. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our “What’s New From ATI in 2017” blog series to see the beautiful and unique new finishes coming available.