MirroFlex Q & A: Ceiling Tile Applications

At ATI we receive a lot of questions about our ceiling tiles from the difference between lay-in and glue-up to what is GridMax.  We have compiled a list of our most common questions and […]

MirroFlex Q & A: What Type of Laminate Adhesive Should I Use?

The staff at ATI prides themselves on maximizing the customer experience with every solution we offer.  That’s why understanding and using the right adhesive when installing any of our MirroFlex product lines is of the utmost […]

MirroFlex Q & A: BIO- How do You Address the Seams?

At ATI, most of our MirroFlex structures feature the ‘BIO’, or Built In Overlap.  This unique feature was developed over time to minimize the appearance of seams and make installation easy and forgiving.

With the […]

What are the Advantages of Digital Printing?

At ATI, we are constantly developing new ways to solve all your surface challenges, which is why we are proud to announce that we have added digital printing under our current Fusion program.We offer […]


 Eco-friendly and LEED Friendly Design Laminates Made From Recycled Plastic.
Eccoflex in our world is more important than ever as we strive to be environmentally conscious and sustainable. This principle benefits everyone involved and secures […]

Post-Forming NuMetal

We asked one of our senior technical employees about some of the most common questions he answers about the structural properties NuMetal.  He replied that people often ask about post-forming NuMetal—that is how flexible […]

ATI Goes Back to School

Introducing new training programs to help advance your sale efforts.