ATI’s New Collection of Unbacked Aluminum

Metals in design are no longer left to minimalism and industrial styles but easily incorporated into all design styles and applications. Metal laminates are sought out for their beauty and durability. When looking at […]

Creative Lighting Applications with LumiSplash

The right lighting can convey a certain mood. To make the most of a space, it is recommended to layer three kinds of lighting: ambient, task and accent. Ambient lighting is a hidden source […]

Digital Printing or Dye-Sublimation?

ATI can help YOU find the right solution for your design! Every day, ATI’s Fusion Team relies on Digital Printing and Dye-Sublimation to achieve our customers’ goals of creating decorative wall panels, unique […]

Unique Workspace Designs

Unique Workspace Designs
A well thought out working environment can help improve the company’s performance and the daily mood of its employees. The objects that are around us for the most part of the day […]

Nature Themed Designs in the Hospitality Industry

Nature Themed Designs in the Hospitality Industry
Designers in the hospitality industry are increasingly blurring the lines between the inside and outside worlds with nature themed components.  Wood paneling, abstract nature designs, floral wall textures […]

DIY Home Renovations

Your Home is Your Canvas
When designing different living spaces within a home, most people try to stick to neutral themes as a safety net to appeal to different guests. Your home should be a […]

Restaurant design trends

Enhance Your Guest’s Experience
Guests expect a particular experience in a restaurant, making every detail important no matter how big or small. There is a lot more to the experience than great food and service. […]

How Lighting Design Can Improve Your Space

Light Diffusers & Luminous Ceilings
How Lighting Design Can Improve Your Space
When it comes to light, in most cases, we prefer quality over quantity. Most ceiling lights provide sufficient brightness, but tend to direct light […]

Decorative Acoustic Ceilings: Innovative Noise Absorption Solution

According to the 2015 State of Dining in America survey from Restaurant Development + Design Magazine, results show that loud noise was the second most irritating aspect of what makes people not enjoy their […]

Unexpected ways decorative light panels can give you a better interior


Lumisplash, our latest decorative laminate line, is a truly unique product that merges art and lighting in a durable scratch resistant surface. This multilayered laminate is ultra-thin and lightweight (under ¼” thick). The panels’ […]

MirroFlex: Innovative Solutions for Retail Design

As most already know, the design and look of a retail store has a major impact on how customers react when entering a space.  Paying attention to store design can help make or break […]

NuMetal Completes the Design of Airstream Classics

Numetal Airstream design
ATI was challenged to provide a low maintenance surface that fit with the style of an iconic American brand, the Airstream Classic.

In 1929, Wally Byam set out to build a sleek, light-weight […]

What MirroFlex Pattern or Finish Would You Like to See?

Our MirroFlex Structures product line features 72 patterns and 40 finishes, allowing these beautiful, textured laminates to match any new or existing design.  We are always on the lookout for new trends in patterns and colors, […]

Renovating Campers and RVs with MirroFlex Laminates

When designing the interior of an RV or camper, people must utilize every inch of space available as well as use products that can withstand the abuse that comes with camping.  Every nook and […]

NuMetal Makes This Restaurant Design Shine

ATI was challenged to make a modern restaurant feel like it was built in 1920.

In the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina, lies a pearl of a hotel known as the O. Henry, and its […]