We are well into the fall season with the weather getting much cooler in most corners of the country and have even had some snowfall in areas up north and throughout the Rockies. As the year winds down, we begin to notice autumn trends in color and design throughout print and online media. Retail shelves everywhere are stocked with items donning the traditional colors of the season like oranges, browns and deep reds. In addition to the traditional seasonal colors, trending now are colors like dark blue and elements like rustic wood.

This time of the year, people are seeking ways to add warmth to their space. Designers look for smart solutions for their design projects. So, how can FusionTech products bring warmth and the latest color trends to your design, without breaking your customer’s wallet?
FusionTech’s custom capabilities allows for specific looks as well as the clever ability of transpiring one element (like wood) onto a different substrate (like aluminum), which has proven to be very appealing. Another example would be glass tiles onto white FRP. Combining the gloss and beauty of glass tiles with the ease of FRP will give you this unique look (pictured at right):

Adding warmth to your design with fabric is also a perfect way of bringing in the trending colors of fall. The warmth and touch of fabric can be used on walls, furniture, and other surfaces. VeneerBric™offers a wide line of wood veneer images on fabric, but VeneerBric can also be customized to allow for virtually any image to be infused into the fabric.